This New Toyota Hybrid is Sure to Be a Crowd-Pleaser

Eco-conscious drivers have always sought comfort in the Toyota brand. Though the Toyota Prius used to be the main option, they've expanded over the years to include hybrid options in a variety of models, like the Camry, Avalon, and Highlander. But there was one fan segment that was left out in the fuel economy badlands: those lovers of the midsize crossover.

But rejoice, ye SUV drivers, for salvation has come. In the form of the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, our requests for a fully-capable, fuel-efficient midsize crossover have been answered.

Drivers all across Pennsylvania have loved and will love the Toyota RAV4 for its unbeatable affordability, reliability, and capability in the Scranton, PA area. But now, this incredible offering will be even better, with high-tech features and all-new safety and convenience options. The brand hasn't given any specifics about fuel economy, but if the Prius' class-leading numbers are anything to go off of, we're pretty excited.

Look for the new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid to land at Toyota of Scranton and join our new Toyota lineup--or, stop by in person to see our available hybrid models!

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