What Does Pennsylvania Have To Do With Fuel?

Toyota is set to kick off sales of the new 2016 Toyota Mirai in California this fall. The Mirai will run solely on hydrogen fuel, which could one day become a sustainable alternative to oil.

But what does Pennsylvania have to do with all this? Our state has a big role in the history of fuel.

Back in the 1800's, Titusville, PA became the center of the oil revolution. Edwin Drake was sent to investigate reports of black bubbling oil that seeped up through the Earth, and into nearby Oil Creek.

That was all it took to ignite a worldwide oil craze. Soon, whole economies flourished or floundered around the production and sale of this black energy-rich goop.

Toyota was well aware of Pennsylvania's role in the start of America's switch to oil. That's why they chose Titusville to show off their new fuel source. They went back to Oil Creek, but instead of digging around it for oil, they used the water itself to produce hydrogen fuel.

Visit Toyota of Scranton to take a test drive in a new Toyota vehicle, and celebrate state history.

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