Enjoy a Tech-Filled Cruise in the Toyota Camry

Driving can be more fun than a regular routine, especially when you have all kinds of innovative tech features found in your new 2015 Toyota Camry that you can take for a test drive today over at our Scranton, PA dealership. Press play on the quick and artistic video included below to learn a bit about one available safety feature in the new Camry.

Beyond these kinds of safety features that alert you to any potential hazards, the new Camry has plenty of entertainment, communications and navigation options. Everything is easily controlled through a series of touchscreens, steering wheel-mounted controls, or even voice-activated functions in some cases. Driving has never been more enjoyable than with all this great tech in your new Camry.

Come on over to Toyota of Scranton today and explore all the available tech options in the fun new Camry.

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