Toyota Prius is One Reliable Hybrid

Toyota is well-known for making reliable vehicles, but what about a hybrid? Surely a hybrid must break down all the time, the battery must need to be replaced-- maintenance must be a hassle!

Well, that wasn't the experience Bob Old had with his 11 year old Toyota Prius.

Bob has put around 435,000 miles on his odometer in the 11 years he's own a Prius. We don't know where he's driving, but he's certainly going there often!

Bob claims he has never had a single breakdown. The one time he ever needed roadside assistance was because he popped a tire.

He hasn't done anything particularly special, unless you consider going to all of his regular maintenance appointments on time special. Which, perhaps you do. Simple though they are, the routine maintenance visits can seem tiresome, or a waste of money. But keeping all of your fluids fresh and your parts maintained is a key step to making your car last as long as Bob's has.

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