Drivers Should Consider The Corrosive Nature Of Salt When Winter Arrives

Here at Toyota of Scranton, we understand the problems facing drivers when the winter comes around and threatens snow and ice. In the past, every winter emergency kit contained salt to lower the melting temperature of snow and ice to melt it effectively when a vehicle became stranded in snow or ice.

Salt has since been shown to have a negative effect on our landscape and the vehicles we see enter our service area every day. Corrosion is a major problem for drivers who may see the damage done to the underside of their vehicle when salt is used to melt snow and ice.

We believe a better choice is to use cat litter as the main material to gain traction in emergencies during the winter months. Although cat litter may not melt snow and ice, it does absorb moisture and allow tires to grip in the coldest conditions.

Stop by our showroom and get some high-quality advice from our staff about staying safe when driving this winter.
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