The Significance of Horsepower

Horsepower is a term used to measure the rate of work done. Interestingly, the name defines both the types and the standards which appear in plenty. Horsepower was invented by James Watt. Aiming to find out the power generated by the horses, the steam engine was used to compare the results. Other engines were used in the process hence the evolution of the steam engines.

Why is it important? Let us look at it from this angle. When a car is moving, more torque can be achieved by increasing the horsepower. Trucks that contain 200 torques cannot be able to pull 15,000 pounds. On the other hand, the trucks containing 500 torques could pull 50,000 pounds.

Horsepower developed from the activities of James Watt. Having been lied about by one of his customers, Watt decided to disapprove him by on the strongest horse the customer had picked. James built a stronger machine that produced the highest output hence the emergence of the horsepower.

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