Drive safely this winter season with the proper wiper blades

If you have driven throughout a winter season, you know that one of the biggest issues aside from the slick roads is the snow. On a snowy or rainy day, you might find that your wipers simply aren't cutting it, or the traffic ahead of you is kicking up all kinds of road grime and again, your summertime wipers just cannot keep up.

This issue is a yearly occurrence for many and is easily avoidable by purchasing a good set of winter blades. Regular blades are made with thin rubber that freezes and gets too hard to wipe away the snow and grime. Winter wipers are designed with a thick shell and special rubber that stays flexible at up to -20 degrees.

Winter wipers are also strong enough to handle the ice and snow that builds up overnight and will always give you a clear windshield. Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the roads this winter, bring it in to Toyota of Scranton today.

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