2018 Toyota Camry Shows Lots of Fun Factor in Early MotorTrend Test Drive

The Toyota Camry has always been good at being reliable and offering a driving experience with confidence. Lately, though, the Japanese automaker has been trying to add a dose of excitement to its top-selling midsize sedan. With the 2018 Camry, all of these elements are coming to fruition in a big way, and a recent review of a prototype from MotorTrend points to an even more exciting car than the current model!

According to the reviewer, Toyota has managed to make the Camry feel more sophisticated without dulling it’s priorities of reliability and drivability. Every component, from its engine lineup to its platform and chassis are all-new, and felt production ready, even in the prototype tester. Brake response is crisp, and the engine and transmission work with precise synchronicity. There are even doses of fun to be found in the cornering and handling experience. The bar has most certainly been raised, according to MotorTrend!

To test drive the 2018 Camry when it arrives this summer, we invite you to contact our Toyota dealership in Scranton, PA to make your interest known. When it arrives, we can contact you, answer any questions that will help you familiarize yourself with it, and schedule you for a test drive.

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