What Got Added to the Tire and Wheel Protection Program?

While the Tire and Wheel Protection program may be impressive, there is another component that got added to the program that Toyota offers! Key Replacement Protection is a recent additive that can provide you with support while on your travels. The help from Toyota Financial Services gets provided to those who may have damaged keys or lost them. Also, if your keys get stolen, Key Replacement Protection can assist as well! While the services have a specified covered amount per occurrence, the services can be beneficial. For instance, along with the other services, if you need lock-out assistance or towing assistance, this gets covered with Key Replacement Protection.

The Tire and Wheel Protection program available with Toyota offers Key Replacement Protection incorporated into the program, but the product will be able to get acquired on its own soon. Are you interested in learning additional aspects about the Tire and Wheel Protection program or Key Replacement Protection? Our knowledgeable team at Toyota of Scranton can help! We can provide you with a closer look a the components to the program that can help give you peace of mind while on your commutes.

If you are looking for a Toyota vehicle, our team can assist you with that as well here in Scranton, PA!

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