Keeping You and Your Passengers Safe in a Roadside Emergency

Regardless if your vehicle has a blowout or you run out of gas, preparing for a roadside emergency is the key to going home safe that night. Consider these safety tips well in advance of any potential trouble.

Even though you have called 911 for assistance, never assume you are safe. It might take them an hour to get to you, so stay in the locked car and don't invite strangers to help who might have other intentions.

The goal here is getting the disabled vehicle safely off the road. If you suffered a flat tire, it will not do damage to ride on the rim until the car is safely off to the shoulder.

Place safety triangles and road flares far up the road so any driver has time to react before coming up on the disabled car.

The crew at Toyota of Scranton hopes this information keeps you and your passengers safe on the highways.
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