All-Wheel Or 4-Wheel Drive Vehicle?

Maybe you are faced with what you think is a dilemma. You have to decide between an all-wheel drive vehicle and one that offers 4-wheel driving on demand. Let the professionals at Toyota of Scranton help make that decision. They can fill you in on the differences so that when you are driving around Scranton, you will have everything you need for a great ride.

Maybe this will also help:

• Pickup trucks and SUVs are typically offered or come with the option of 4-wheel drive or two-wheel drive, allowing drivers to switch from one to the other depending on the need.
• The drivetrain of all-wheel drive vehicles applies torque to each wheel individually so that every tire reacts to changes in road conditions to maintain appropriate traction on any terrain.

Why not test drive both 4-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles during your next visit to Toyota of Scranton to see for yourself what you can get.
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