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Toyota Prius is One Reliable Hybrid

Toyota is well-known for making reliable vehicles, but what about a hybrid? Surely a hybrid must break down all the time, the battery must need to be replaced-- maintenance must be a hassle!

Well, that wasn't the experience Bob Old had with his 11 year old Toyota Prius.

Bob has put around 435,000 miles on his odometer in the 11 years he's own a Prius. We don't know where he's driving, but he's certainly going there often!

Bob claims he has never had a single breakdown. The one time he ever needed roadside assistance…

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What Does Pennsylvania Have To Do With Fuel?

Toyota is set to kick off sales of the new 2016 Toyota Mirai in California this fall. The Mirai will run solely on hydrogen fuel, which could one day become a sustainable alternative to oil.

But what does Pennsylvania have to do with all this? Our state has a big role in the history of fuel.

Back in the 1800's, Titusville, PA became the center of the oil revolution. Edwin Drake was sent to investigate reports of black bubbling oil that seeped up through the Earth, and into nearby Oil Creek.


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Toyota's Dedication to Sustainable Practices Has Paid Off!

You know the saying, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again?" Well Toyota is a prime example that hard work most definitely pays off. Just last year it was ranked number 57 on Newsweek's list of the world's greenest companies. Well believe it or not, after committing further to its environmentally friendly practices, our favorite automaker now tops the list as the world's greenest company!

Of course much of…

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Toyota is Named the Best Global Green Brand

For its third year in a row, Toyota tops the Best Global Green Brands report. It is said that the Japanese automaker dominated the market by selling more than 2.9 million Prius vehicles worldwide.

The Best Global Brands Report consists of 50 companies and is determined by Internet Brands. Each company was ranked on its gap between its environmental practices and its consumers' opinions of those same practices. This list was dwindled down from…

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