Custom Built Vehicles

Custom Built Vehicles & Accessories In Wilkes-Barre & Scranton

Looking to customize your ride? Then Toyota of Scranton's S-Built Customs department is suited for drivers like you.

If you want to turn heads with a unique paint color or enjoy some luxurious perks like heated seats, our Toyota dealership serving Wilkes Barre is just the place to transform your car or truck-- regardless of the make or model-- into a ride that you can truly call your own.

Whether you already have something in mind for your existing vehicle or you want to make your new Toyota purchase extra special, our technicians have the skill and style to customize any vehicle into something different. As one of the very few dealerships that offer this level of customization, drivers can feel confident that they're leaving our dealership in a vehicle that is sure to catch a few double-takes on the road. 

Interested in a car or truck that's unique to just you? At Toyota of Scranton, our technicians have upgrades many vehicles from the inside out. Here's an idea of what we can do:

 Unique paint jobs (custom colors)
Backup cameras
 Rims and tires
Custom leather (custom colors, custom stitch patterns,  two-tone leather)
 StripingHeated Front Seats
 Lift and lowering kits
Heated Rear Seats
 Custom exhausts
 TRD brakes


Customize Your Car or Truck At Our Toyota Dealer Serving Wilkes Barre

So if you want to be the driver of something extraordinary, then S-Built Customs is here to cater to the boldest of tastes. Regardless of whether you want to purchase an already-upgraded Toyota or wish to rejuvenate your existing vehicle, Toyota of Scranton is one of the few dealerships that will take your car to the next level.

Those interested in getting behind the wheel of an S-Built Custom car or truck can contact a dealership representative for a quote. Pricing varies on desired level of customization. 

Call our Toyota dealer serving Wilkes Barre at 570-955-3688.

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