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Used Cars for Sale in Scranton, PA

A used car can be a great investment that will benefit you for many years to come. When you buy used, you will want to make sure you go to people you can trust, like the team at Toyota of Scranton. We will help you search through our inventory of quality used cars until you find the one that fits your needs. If you are in or near Lackawanna County, PA, and want to learn more about our used cars, come and see us at Toyota of Scranton.

Top Reasons to Choose a Used Car

For some, it can be difficult to decide which body type to choose when picking out their next ride. Trucks, SUVs, and sedans all have their perks, you just have to decide which qualities you need in a vehicle and which body style best fits those needs. A car, also known as a sedan, is a popular choice among drivers who prioritize having a vehicle with good gas mileage. Sedans are usually lighter than trucks and SUVs, which allows them to have a better fuel economy. The lighter weight can also provide much better acceleration as well as stopping.
Another convincing reason to buy a sedan is that they are usually easier to handle. The maneuverability of a sedan is a great selling point for those who do not like driving larger, bulkier vehicles. Their smaller size also allows for a safer drive as they are at a lower risk for tipping over due to their stability and close proximity to the road.

Why Buy Used?

It is no secret that a used car will cost less than a brand-new one of the same year, make, and model. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the lower cost of a used car is depreciation. Buying used allows you to skip the initial depreciation that comes with buying a new car. A new vehicle will lose a significant percentage of its value as soon as it is driven off the lot. So, buying used allows you to spend less on a car that can still be in great condition even though it is not brand-new.
Many drivers are apprehensive about buying a used vehicle. At Toyota of Scranton, we work hard to give you confidence in our pre-owned vehicles. A great way to have extra peace of mind when shopping for a used car is to choose one of our Toyota Certified Used Vehicles. The TCUV program requires a vehicle to pass a 160-point inspection, be no more than six years old, and have no more than 85,000 miles. We also review the used vehicle’s CARFAX report to make sure it lives up to our standards. Our TCUV program also provides excellent benefits and warranties to give you even more confidence behind the wheel.

Let us know how we can help you find your next used car by calling or visiting Toyota of Scranton in Scranton, PA.
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